Loving your voice is a choice.
Vaccination (with proof), masks and 6 ft distancing required for in person singing. Zoom singing offered as well.


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Want to add a little joy to your lunch hour?


Picture it:

12pm hits — it’s lunchtime! You’ve had a long morning at work, your back aches, your brain feels fuzzy, and you’re running low on energy.

You know you should find something energizing to do with your lunch break. Something that fires you up, that de-stresses you, that brings you joy.

Buuuutt, you’re pretty sure you’re going to do what you’ve done every other day this week: grab a sandwich at your desk and either work right through or doomscroll Twitter for the next 60 minutes.

If that sounds oh-so-familiar, I’d love to invite you to switch things up this Wednesday by spending your precious lunchbreak de-stressing in the most joyous way possible…singing!

Introducing Pop PDX: your weekly lunchtime energy boost (even if you think you can’t sing).

By now, I’m sure you know my philosophy: EVERYONE can sing.

Because singing isn’t about hitting the right notes 100% of the time. It isn’t about...

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The key to living freely and fearlessly

Have you ever seen a little kid messing about in the sandbox? Running around a park? Exploring somewhere new? It’s incredible to watch because it’s like everything is one giant experiment…and it’s guided by pure instinct.

These gorgeous tiny people are inquisitive. They’re bold. They’re playful. They’re absorbed by the present moment. They’re fearless.

They’re free.

Until they grow up, that is. Until they become…us.

Your sandbox gets a whole lot bigger as you grow, yet it feels smaller. Because you start to move through the world with fear. Fear of judgement, fear of “getting it wrong”, fear of losing respect, fear of letting the real “you” shine through.

And you forget what it is to feel fearless and free.

So, I want to remind you (through song, of course!)

As you sing, so you live…

When you learn to sing freely and fearlessly, you don’t just use your voice differently, you begin to...

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