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Why we all need songs of sustenance right now...

“I don’t want to die with music inside of me.”

I think that’s a feeling we’ve all been able to relate to at some time or other. Sure, you might want to replace the word “songs” with “poems”, “stories”, “words”, or even just “emotions” but the overwhelming feeling is the same — the desire for release, the need to be heard, the urge to connect your environment and your community to your inner world.

For the inimitable Carole Marie Downing, the realization that she had too many songs pent up inside her came as she awoke from anesthesia after hip surgery.

For you, it might have been triggered by your own personal struggles, or from the trauma of watching the events of the last year and a half unfold around you.

Whatever your personal reason, I want you to know that you’ve found the right place — that there is an outlet.

Introducing : Songs of Sustenance.

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