Loving your voice is a choice.

We believe music can save the world.

Really and truly.


That might sound idealistic, or pie-in-the-sky. But it’s actually very concrete.

The more comfortable you are with yourself, and your voice, the better your life is. You already know this, just think about those moments when you feel like you’re able to truly be yourself, and express that “you-ness” to the world –– it feels incredible!

And the more we come together, and are able to come together and harmonize not in spite of our differences, but because of them, the more we’re able to shift our communities, our society, and the world into a kinder, more just reality.

That’s what Sing Y’All has always stood for: opening the door to singing to every single person. No matter what.

Because ultimately, it’s not really about the music. It’s about what singing together does for us as people, as communities, and as a society.

At Sing y'All you are welcome - no matter who you are or how you sing!


Whether you sing every day or have never sung a note, we’ve got a spot for you. We love bringing together a mix of comfortable musicians, shower singers, people who have been told they “can’t sing”, and performers and choir leaders together and see the beautiful music that comes out.

Because here’s the big secret ...

if you can talk, then you can sing!


This Zimbabwean proverb couldn’t be more true. Anyone can sing, and if you think you’re the exception, you’re in for a treat :) 

Your voice deserves to be heard. 

Your community is waiting for you here. 

And we’ve got so many fun ways to come together and sing.

So how about it ... could you use a little more joy in your life?



About Marion Van Namen

Marion founded Sing Y’All out of her passion for community-building and the empowering spirit of music. Music was always her first love –– from the time she sat down on the piano bench beside her grandmother and learned to play those first notes, she was hooked.

She planned to pursue a career in music ... until a “pragmatic” conversation with her father convinced her that she’d never be able to make it. So she tucked her dreams away, and pursued a career in business, all the way up to a fancy job at Microsoft. 

But she couldn’t let go of that dream. And when the dissatisfaction and despair of that job became too much, she had to find a way out. An unexpected inheritance gave her just enough money to buy a cello and start taking lessons. A year later, she started teaching music full-time, and never looked back.

Dan Cooper

He's an absolute sensation with 15 years of experience working in the music industry. Dan has worked as a vocal coach for countless pop performers including signed artists; Donel & George Cosby and has worked on TV programs including Little Mix The Search, Virgin Media's V Festival & The Voice UK. Dan’s choir; Love Soul Choir performed to 64,000 people over two nights when they performed with Take That (and Lulu) during their stadium tour.

Carole Marie Downing

Carole Marie is a song leader, song writer, and wellness coach in Portland, OR. She’s co-taught workshops with Marion for a long time, and is currently teaching Songs of Sustenance.