Loving your voice is a choice.
Vaccination (with proof), masks and 6 ft distancing required for in person singing. Zoom singing offered as well.

Join our joyful community of singers!

We're better together

We’re so divided in our world today. Surrounded by noise and fear, and yet somehow, more isolated, too.

Sing y’All is a place where you can come and be with a joyful community of people excited to get together and have a good time singing, and creating a little more harmony in the world.

It sounds simple ... but it’s life-changingly uplifting. And we want you to be a part of it!

Yes, you. Even –– or should we say especially –– if you “can’t sing”.

The truth is, everybody can sing. (Really! That’s why we’re a no-audition choir.) And we’d love to help you find your voice.

Plus it feels amazing

Sing y'All has a reputation of being better than therapy - regular singers know that no matter what your day has been like, once you come into a session with us, everything just feels better. And you walk out the other side with a spring in your step and a song in your heart.


So join us - we'd love to have you

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